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Calafate an unforgettable place in our Patagonia.

Calafate is one hour by plane from Ushuaia. It is located in the extreme South of Argentina (parallel 50°).

The Andes Mountains show a variety of natural inspiring beauties, such as rugged peaks, wonderful forests, deep blue lakes of glacial origin, including the most important Perito Moreno Glacier. This is the most important glacier among the thirteen glaciers in the national park.

It is one of the most spectacular views to experience, with its huge wall of ice extending up into the mists hanging over the valley. Its front is 4 Km long, and it is over 60 meters high.

An endless field of crystal blue glacial ice is permanently crashing down into the Argentine Lake.

Gourmet Glaciers is a full day experience on board the María Turquesa Cruise, which visits some places of this Patagonian area, sailing with the highest comfort as well as with a gourmet gastronomy designed for an unforgettable experience.

The Patagonian Ice Field is after the Antártida, the largest ice sheet on the planet. Its glaciers originate at 1500 altitude and descend up to 200 meters, allowing a unique access and view in the world.

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